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EOSE is an international organisation working towards the development of the sport and active leisure sector. Expert in building bridges between the worlds of education and employment, EOSE aims at ensuring the development of a competent workforce with the right skills through a wide network of members and partners.


We are working to provide a range of services and activities based on the combined expertise of our two entities (The European Observatoire of Sport and Employment and EOSE Services).



  • Get access to a wide network and database

  • Increase your legitimacy while being member of a recognised stakeholder at EU level

  • Receive the latest news from the sector and update on EU policies

  • Benefit from a prime access to EOSE EU funded projects

  • Build upon EOSE recognised expertise in projects management

  • Get tailor-made information on potential EU funding

  • Contribute to the development of a structured approach to screen and anticipate the sector’s needs

  • Be involved in data collection and collaborative publication

  • Take part to the sector development and support our work

  • Contribute shaping EOSE’s future while making your voice heard at the GA


EOSE membership structure has been revised in 2011 and now offers the possibility for Observatoires, other organisations and individual experts from the Sport and Active Leisure sector in Europe to be involved within the association as members. Indeed, we have developed 4 categories of membership to acommodate all the different interested organisations and individuals from the sector which are working on the topics in line with our mission.

We are proud to have official Members representing a wide variety of stakeholders (from training providers and sport institutes to the sport movement, social partners and governments) involved all over Europe (currently in 16 EU countries: Belgium, Malta, UK, Italy, Portugal, France, Greece, Spain, Lithuania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia, Finland, Cyprus, Slovakia, Ireland).



with voting rights – National or Regional Observatory fully established (2013 fees: 500 euros)

3 criteria:

- A non-for-profit and non-discriminatory organisation.
- Involved in studies and research on employment and qualifications in the fields of sport.
- Recognised as such by Public Authorities and/or Social Partners.


with voting rights – National Expert organisation with potential for establishing an Observatoire  (2013 fees: 300 euros)


- Organisation must be willing to act as Correspondent in its country and to participate in European Projects.


with voting rights – National Expert as individual  (2013 fees: 50 euros)


- Need to demonstrate through a letter some interests and expertise on sport education and employment, to be able to be a national point of contact for EOSE.


without voting rights - European organisation


- Carrying out activities on employment and education and training in the Sport and Active Leisure sector.

- This category is by invitation from the Executive Board only.


Join us!

Each organisation wishing to become an EOSE Member shall first send an expression of interest to the Secretariat:

Using the Contact form

By post: EOSE Secretariat, 1 Grande rue des Feuillants, 69001 Lyon, France


Should you not see yourself as a member, we are still looking forward to hear from you! Indeed beside the work we lead with our members, we are also running activities and projects with and/or on behalf work partners (Read more).



Keep in mind that EOSE –together with its sister organisation, EOSE Services- is working to provide a range of services and activities based on their combined expertise to act:

  • As an Adviser – providing advice to members and partners on the preparation of workforce development strategies and project proposals;
  • As a Partner – leading or adding additional support and expertise to national and European/International projects;
  • As a Networker – using its networks to expand the reach and impact of project work and as a means of identifying, disseminating and sharing best practice;
  • As a Facilitator – supporting exchanges between key stakeholders in the worlds of employment and education, EOSE FACTSHEETundertaking research and detailed technical consultation;
  • As a Consultancy – commissioned to undertake a range of services and provide expert support in a range of specialist areas.


Therefore let’s exchange and explore together how we could collaborate.

EOSE – European Observatoire of Sport and Employment

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